Wise Woman Healing

It is my most humble honor to share wise woman healing secrets with you. They have been whispered, kept hidden away or forgotten for too long. As with all things, there needs to be a balance and consideration of what you are using and/or combining.

It is important to honour, cleanse and nurture the sacred feminine core both on the physical and soul levels. Whether we have experiences of bliss, trauma or anything in-between, there are moments within a woman’s life that impact deeply upon her very soul. The need to honour and recognize this imprint is paramount for overall well-being.

The Scared Feminine

There are many milestones in a woman’s life. In ancient times the triple goddess was revered. It represents the Maiden, Mother and Crone. The Maiden is the youthful woman that is carefree, full of excitement for new beginnings and fresh potential! The Mother is compassionate, stable, powerful, fertile and confident. And, The Crone encourages us to be wild and free! She is the Wisdom Keeper and shows us the strength and courage that lies within each of us.

The Maiden

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The Mother

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The Crone

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The Maiden

Her initiation and entrance into womanhood – her menarche (beginning her menstrual cycle). There are a number of ways to support a young woman during this time not only in the mind body of teaching her the “mechanics” of how things are working. The physical, emotional and soul bodies also need to be recognized and celebrated. There is something deep within the fabric weaves of our essence that demands this. The maiden learns how to empower herself by using these energies so they benefit rather then hinder. She will learn how to honor her femininity, her cycle and get the most out of being a woman. Young women should not curse or hate their menstrual cycle, nor should they wish they were a man! Your moon time can be very powerful!


The Mother

Another milestone that may be the quest of motherhood it self. Preparing the Mother-to-Be in a meaningful ceremony or gathering, such as a Blessing Way or perhaps something a little more intimate with just 2-4 other women present, supporting the Mothers’ emotional and soul bodies that only a gathering of women can achieve.

At times we may be trying to conceive without success. There can be energetic barriers that can make conception a little more difficult or maybe you just want to make sure that your soul body is at optimum condition to begin this journey. There are shamanic healing techniques that focus on the reproductive system. Desiree is also accustomed to working with women who are going through fertility treatment. There are a number of different support options available both physical and shamanic soul healing aids.

As a trained doula by DONA International, Desiree is also able to provide pregnancy and postpartum support. She understands how to bridge the physical world of pregnancy, birth and after-care into the caring and nurturing of the soul body. Giving birth is very energetically expanding/explosive for both mama and baby. **It is highly recommended to have a closing ceremony of the energetic soul body after the baby is born. A woman’s body energetically opens wide when giving birth. The closing ceremony is just that…it closes the soul body along with a shamanic blessing for both Mother and Babe. There are more comprehensive options available that include soul retrieval if a traumatic birth was experienced. If you are interested to know more about the doula services Desiree offers then please visit her Pregnancy and Childbirth services website at Sweet Soul Mama’s

Side Note: It is never, ever too late to honor a woman and her body with a closing ceremony including one for a hysterectomy! It not only live birth, still birth, traumatic birth, miscarriage and abortion. While you may have found this months or even years after the fact, you will still greatly benefit from a closing ceremony.

“Not all women are mothers. But every woman mothers’ in some way ” ~ Desiree Albert

The Crone

The Crone is the most mystical and misunderstood. She is able to make the spinning of straw it into gold – the same process as turning old wounds into wisdom. The word Crone is derived from the old word for Crown, suggesting the wisdom that emanates from the head like a halo (Crown Chakra). She is sought out to guide others as she embodies all three Goddesses: The Maiden, The Mother and now, The Crone. This is not a time of fading but one of shinning brilliance! She is wild, authentic, courageous, big hearted, understanding and an encouraging wisdom keeper!

Most people automatically associate ‘The Crone’ phase with menopause. While this is true for the most part, it can come before or quite some time after. (We must also remember that in a little over the past 100 yrs we have almost doubled our life expectancy from 47 to 84!) Everyone’s path is their own and there are no hard and fast ‘rules’. This stage (just like the others) can be a welcome transition or the signaling of a loss. It is just as important to recognize the crone phase in a woman’s life as it has been for other transitions throughout her whole life.

Shadows of the Sacred Feminine

The Shadows of the Sacred Feminine

Within all 3 stages of a woman’s life she may encounter Grief and Loss through:

Hair-Loss, body changes, non-pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, traumatic birth(s), sexual abuse, sexual assault.

To explore these circumstances (or others) further please Contact me.

Sacred Feminine Soul Services

Maiden Ceremony


First Moon Cycle Ceremony- Sacrifice payment

A female ceremony in a small group with a sharing of knowledge of emotions. Laying of flowers, drumming and holding sacred space.

Mother Ceremonies


Womb Opening- Sacrifice Payment

This is a ceremony to help women conceive a child.


Sacred Belly Bind Package $60

Initial binding tutorial for you and partner/helper, warming belly firming paste, sacred belly bind wrap-up

 (not including the cost of the wrap or travel if applicable)


Sacred Mama Closing Ceremony Package $200

Initial binding tutorial for you and partner/helper, smudging of Mama, ceremonial area and bathing space, ceremonial foot soak prepared with  buttermilk or regular – bath salts infused with Moon Energy, energetic Closing of the Womb and Shamanic Blessing, warming belly firming paste, sacred belly bind wrap-up. (not including the cost of the wrap or travel if applicable)


Sacred Mama Closing Ceremony Package $200

Initial binding tutorial for you and partner/helper, smudging of Mama, ceremonial area and bathing space, ceremonial bath or foot soak prepared with  buttermilk or regular – bath salts infused with Moon Energy, warm sesame oil rub down while releasing and letting go, shamanic Healing (including soul retrievals of both mom and baby if traumatic birth was experienced), energetic closing of the Womb and Shamanic Blessing, warming belly firming paste, sacred belly bind wrap-up (not including the cost of the wrap or travel if applicable)


Placenta Encapsulation $250

See Sweet Souls Mama’s for more information.placentapills3

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