Shamanism is an ancient form of healing, seeking understanding and knowledge to solve problems. The original Shaman was a medicine woman/man of the tribes and were looked to for guidance and care-giving of the peoples. In that regard, shamanic practice is different today then it was tens of thousands of years ago. In today’s contemporary world, we live in a technologically advanced society and face different challenges, however we still have the same root problems as our ancestors. The core concept is the same, the fundamental needs are still the same, and the healing techniques used in both Traditional and Contemporary Shamanism are the same. The reason it has survived for millenniums is because it works.

How Does it Work?

The Shamanic Practitioner acts as a bridge to the spirit world and will journey (also known as a shamanic trance or meditation) into the spirit world where the practitioner is engaged in a fusion of working with the helping spirits to support you in better health. A few examples of what it may help you with, include but not limited to:¬† eliminating chronic pain, illness, ‘dis-ease’, stress relief¬† and enhancing your energetic vitality.

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