Soul, Mind and Body…Sounds kinda funny that way doesn’t it? We are so used to reading it as Body, Mind and Soul. When we hear this, it invokes thoughts of treating oneself or a loved one to a pampering treatment of relaxation and rejuvenation at a spa to be revitalized. In the same sense we need to revitalize our souls – our energetic life force, to obtain the balance of an abundant healthy life.

We all know how very important it is to take care of our physical bodies, to treat them well and nourish them. Just as society has recognized the mind (the importance of mental health), so should we recognize and nurture the energetic soul body. A great example of this is something called Phantom Limb. When a person loses a part of their physical body and they can still feel it, it is called Phantom Limb. What they are feeling is REAL, even though the physical part is gone, the soul body remains. This energetic soul body is not a trick of the mind. Coping skills are taught for this well documented and known amputee phenomena within medical and healthcare communities. When the soul (our life force) is healthy, it brings a balance that makes it very difficult for illness and disease to enter our  physical, mental or energetic bodies. So how do you go about cleansing, nurturing and revitalizing your energetic soul body? Through energy work. There are many different forms of energy healing available today and I encourage you to find the ones that speak to you, that resonate with you the most.

As with the way we eat – a balanced fusion of different foods to nourish our physical bodies, we incorporate a multitude of different mental stimulation’s for the mind and so we also need a balance and fusion of different healing methods for our energetic body in the same manner.

Shamanic Energies Nourish the Soul!

Shamanism brings energetic healing and balance through energy flow. It’s holistic and organically rooted to help your souls healing path. This does not mean it replaces Family doctors, Surgeons, Chiropractors, Psychiatrists, Counselors etc…all modalities have a place in contributing to your most optimum health and well-being. Its all about balance.

Is Shamanic Healing Right For You?

Have you tried everything and nothing is working? Perhaps you’re ready to bring something more organic into your life for health and wellness?  Maybe you’ve heard of Shamanism or Celtic Reiki somewhere throughout your daily travels and are curious to find out more about it? I am very happy you have found your way here!

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