People will often say to me “I’ve heard you mention Soul Loss – What does this mean? If I lost my soul, wouldn’t I be dead or something?”

We don’t lose our entire souls. We lose bits and pieces of ourselves along the way in life when there are traumatic moments. When a soul fragment is missing from us, it makes our energetic body a little bit weaker. So when the next traumatic moment or situation comes along in our lives, it’s a little easier to lose another piece, and then another and the cycle continues. Eventually our energetic body will look like swiss cheese. And most of us have no idea that this is even happening. We live in a world, where soul loss happens to everyone. And unfortunately, we are living in a time where it is “normal” to have more than several missing soul fragments.

When we are in a stressful, abusive or traumatic situations, a part of us goes to a safe place in the spirit world. Just like a small child looking for the solace of a parent when s/he is frightened, our souls will do the same by going ‘home’ to the spirit world (no matter how old or tough we are). Sometimes what may happen is a piece of our soul, becomes lost in the spirit world or it stays behind because it feels safer there. And at times, we may even give this part of ourselves away or it is stolen from us.

When this soul loss happens, it weakens the energy body. The lost soul fragments leave behind holes and the more soul loss you have the more holes. Eventually you begin to leak your energy, your health, your power. Because of this you are more open to ‘dis-ease’ and illness from a weakened life force/energy body.

A very common tell-tale sign that you may be suffering from Soul Loss:

A person has been making a big effort in their life to live better…so they have started eating well, exercising, meditating, they are in general good health, and yet for some unknown reason, – even though they are putting in all kinds of good high vibing energy into their minds and bodies, –  they are still exhausted, still feel like something is missing, still searching for … something.

What is happening? They are innately searching for their missing soul pieces.

This is where Ancient meets Modern. Even in today’s contemporary society (and perhaps even more-so because of it) a shamanic Soul Retrieval(s) is what’s needed to start piecing yourself back together. To be stronger. To be healthier. To be whole.

Find a Shaman or an experienced shamanic practitioner who has been trained to retrieve lost Soul Fragments. These skilled people will know how to cross into the unseen worlds and track your pieces. They will know what order the pieces need to come in, as it’s not always in chronological order. They will be adept at assisting the soul fragments journey back to you, along with making any adjustments, negotiations, and healings that are required.

Some symptoms of soul loss include but are not limited to:


  • Being sick with “something” all the time
  • Feelings of being stuck in a rut
  • Something “missing”
  • Unexplained sadness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Emotional out bursts
  • Anger
  • PTSD
  • Addictions
  • and more…


As your missing soul parts are returned to you, you will begin to feel more strength, vitality and a sense of wholeness and health coming back to you. Be prepared to do some integration work of the returned fragment. Don’t forget, most likely A LOT has happened in your life since the fragment left and is now coming back into a very different situation. If you are working with me, individualized instructions will be given to you after each session is completed.

I also highly recommend doing an Intrusion Removal at the same time as a Soul Retrieval session, especially when first getting into shamanic healing. It is MUCH easier to not only return missing soul fragments but to have the piece(s) integrate easily and swiftly into a more hospitable environment within your energetic body. So what are Intrusions? CLICK HERE

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