Shamanic Services

Shamanic Healing

The First Step to Getting a Shamanic Healing

Step 1 ~ Energetic Body Scan (Assessment Report)

This scan report will give you a good snap shot of where you are energetically. It is HIGHLY recommended if your not sure where you need to start or if you would like to approach your healing 1 or 2 steps at a time…This will give you a check list of things that need healing or attention – you are then able decide what you want to work on first.

Keep in mind that as with anything, only so much can be done at once. Time is needed to acclimate the healing through your soul body to your other bodies (emotional, mental and physical bodies). You will be involved in your own healing process! Our healing as humans happens a layer at a time and sometimes what we thought we dealt with 2 layers ago, may come back up again….needing healing at a deeper level that wasn’t accessible or perhaps hidden before hand. A scan will show what is visible now…It may or may not pick up on those deeper underlying issues that are currently clouded, especially if it is hidden behind access turbulent energy patterns until the first layers have been cleansed and healed.


For more information about Shamanic healing, please contact me.



Marriage or Union Ceremony

A union between two people is a sacred event that requires an honorable ceremony. I perform soul union (marriage) ceremonies for people of all walks of life.

I’m not an officiant of marriage.

Other Ceremonies I Perform

Rites of Passage-Adulthood, Motherhood, Crone, End of Life.

Baby Blessings and Naming Ceremonies

Sacred Womb Closing- for women after giving birth.

Animal Healing

Animal Healing

 Health Maintenance and Quality of Life

For animals that are ill, Shamanic healing is an excellant method as well as a safe compliment to Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Flower Essences along with all other forms of healing. For example shamanic healing can reduce/eliminate Chronic Pain, Illness, Disease, Stress, Behavioral, Injury and Post-Operation support.

For dying animals, shamanism is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort relief from pain, fear and anxiety while preparing and assisting the soul through its transition.

For animals who are healthy, shamanic healing is a wonderful approach to to maintaining their health, enhancing relaxation and provides an emotional sense of peace and contentment.

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