Spirit Drum Creation

Spirit Drum Creation

A Drum Making Workshop

Drums are the heartbeat of the Earth and are a medicine tool used for centuries by all Peoples around the world for healing, celebration and connection. Drums play an important part in human history and in our future. Healing and balancing comes through the vibration of the drums. Each Drum is unique and carries its own sound and energy.

We will share 2 powerful days together, with our ancestors, guides and spirit animals, weaving all the parts and pieces with intention and focus, as we create a sacred Spirit Drum. Each drum, as its creator, will be different and unique. Everyone will be supported and each drum will receive the time and mindfulness required.

During this Spirit Drum Creation, you will have a choice of 2 different kinds of wood for the hoop. Red Oak or Cedar.

For those who are drawn to working with Red Oak for the wooden hoop of your drum, this is known as the King of Trees. It has a history of being sacred to the Celts, Druids and various European Gods, including Zeus, Jupiter, Thor and Jumala (Finnish Sky God) and is connected to the element of Water. This tree carries the symbolism of ancient wisdom, protection to both leaders and warriors alike, truth, bravery, steadfastness and courage.

​And for those drawn to the Cedar hoop, this tree has been revered for it’s spiritual qualities by many cultures​. Th​is wood is impervious to insects, has no knots and​ known for its remarkable longevity​ in some parts of the world for living over 2000 years of age. ​​​Cedar is known for its healing and purification qualities that also remove negative influences, empowering protection, spirituality and prosperity. It has a duality and flexibility of both Earth and Water energies, grounding and steadfast, yet it has fluid motion with force. ​

The skins used for the drum head carry their own unique energy and medicine. It is important to choose the right drum head for you and the purpose of your Spirit Drum.

In this creation weekend, there are 3 different types of hides available:

DEER – are in tune with nature and all it comprises. They are sacred carriers of peace and show people how to open their hearts and love unconditionally. Deer teaches us to use the power of gentleness to help the wounded beings who are seeking healing and peace.

MOOSE – is empowering the Feminine Energies. It carries us into and through our feelings and reminds us of the nourishment available in emotional honesty. Moose also carries the power of presence and invisibility. When Moose is focused on a mission, they are ready to combat ANYTHING in their path. However they also have the ability to camouflage themselves so well, that they can move through their territory completely unseen or heard when they choose. Moose are fearless and resolute.

BISON – walks in tune with the Great Mother. Abundance is present when all relations are honoured and gratitude is expressed freely to all creation. Bison wisdom brings with it Manifestation, Protection, Earth Creativity, Feminine Courage, Abundance, Strength, Challenge, Survival, Knowledge and Shrewdness. Bison are calm, courageous and fierce. It wants to roam on its own terms….Wild and Free

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We will be birthing our Spirit Drums at Cranberry Island Retreat Centre on the banks of Magaguadavic Lake, where we will be in both the main lodge and the sacred space within the Tipi over the 2 days of working, creating, and connecting with the new energy of the emerging Spirit Drum.

Please contact Dez for further information or to register, at Desiree@soulshealingpath.com

Upon registration, a deposit of $150 is required to go towards the cost of the Spirit Drum Creation weekend with the final payment due by the registration dead line of March 30th 2018.

Energetic Exchange for the Spirit Drum

Deer 12” – $255 // 14” – $275 // 17” – $315

Moose 12” – $265 // 14” – $295 // 17” – $330

Bison 12” – $265 // 14” – $295 // 17” – $330

Please bring a potluck meal item to be shared for lunch on Sat April 21st. There are kitchens available to you to bring your own food and snacks for the weekend.

Shared accommodations* are available for an additional $45 that INCLUDES a simple vegetarian dinner on the 21st, along with breakfast and lunch on the following day. If you have a very restrictive diet, you are welcome to bring your own food.

*Accommodations are co-ed; You must bring your own sleeping bag and pillow; You may be required to share a queen size bed with 1 other person; We will make every effort to ensure everyone is comfortable. **If you prefer to have your own room with bedding provided, the cost is $139/night + food

** Cranberry Island Retreat Centre is located appox 20min from Kings Landing / Harvey area, New Brunswick.

Please contact Dez for further information or to register at Desiree@soulshealingpath.com

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