Shamanic Journey Circle

An Ancient Shamanic Practice

This is an ancient shamanic practice of journeying that guides our contemporary lives to safely shift into a conscious connection with spirit, for deeper understanding and healing.

Join us as we come together in sacred circle to journey and share community. The beat of the drum is calling…

Let’s bring our energies together to journey, learn, heal and grow.

Shamanic Journeying Knowledge REQUIRED, please see my Learn the Shamanic Journey workshop to learn the fundamentals.

Exchange: $20

What To Bring:

- Note-taking materials
- A bandanna or other eye-covering
- Perhaps an extra pair of socks or slippers as we will be in a yoga studio (shoes off please)
- Yoga mats and cushions will be available (*for those that require a chair, this is no problem to accommodate this!)
- your good intentions

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