Intro to Chakras

Explore and Heal Your Chakras

Chakra 101

Is a beginner course where you will learn the basics of what they are, where they are located in the body, how they affect us in our mental and physical bodies. You will learn to recognize signs and symptoms of an out of balance chakra.

Prerequisite: None.

Chakra Healing Quest

Is an in-depth exploration of each chakra on a personal level. You will have 1 assignment to complete before the start of the first class.

This course has 7 modules that will focus on an individual chakra with specific intention. Every experience is different as this is a highly personal healing of yourself, you will explore each chakra in depth, heal old wounds and learn how to release blockages and balance the chakra.

Prerequisite: Strong journeying skills

What to Bring to a Meditation

Notebook and Pen
Yoga Mat and/or blanket
Meditation/yoga/sitting cushion (if you use one)
Eye cover, scarf or bandanna
Everyone is welcome to bring a small token that has meaning for you or is special in some way to you (crystal, necklace, rattle etc.) that may be placed on the alter that will be in the center of the circle we create.
And most importantly your excitement and good intentions!


Chakra mediation is a healthy meditative practice in which the chakra energy centers are cleansed and algined. The importance of balanced chakras is profound and will soon become part of your optimal health strategy.

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