Energetic Self Defense

What Do You Get?

Intensive 6 week Energetic Self Defense Program will teach you techniques of how to cultivate personal energy and how to keep your energetic body healthy and strong, while learning how to have healthy boundaries.

Learn and have the opportunity to put your new skills into practice over the 6 weeks with expert guidance from Desiree on how to use your energy effectively to stay grounded, focused and protected. This course is jam packed with great ways, information and teachings on how to not be at constant risk of losing your energy, feeling fragmented, or impacted by others energy. Mastering healthy boundaries allows you to be present, stand powerfully in your own energy and have more clarity as you navigate life.

Learn how to navigate these times of change thru:

  • Energetic hygiene
  • How focus your energy
  • Be protected without blocking yourself off
  • Understand fear better
  • Create boundaries through intention and clarity not fear
  • Learn how to effectively use your energy to stay grounded, focused and safe/protected
  • Self healing
  • Build inner strength
  • Learn what is your energy and what is not
  • and various techniques for protection against strong negative energies.

Class Details


This program is currently closed.

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