Learn the Shamanic Journey

The Doorway in

Is a workshop for people (including those of you that already know how to meditate), that will teach you the ancient ways of looking within for guidance, discovery and healing. You will learn how to connect directly with your protectors, guides and teachers.

This in-depth, comprehensive course prepares you to confidently begin transcending the veil into the unseen worlds. It is the first step in enhancing your life, your connections with the spirit world and your own personal guardians, guides and ancestors.

You will be able to journey on your own at home and also be qualified to join a Shamanic Journey Circle.


Do you want to connect to yourself on a deeper level?

You will:

Find your power animal

Connect with your Compassionate Helping spirits

Learn how to craft good questions to ask your guides

Learn how to create sacred space and intent for your journey

Learn to journey on your own at home and/or to join a Shamanic Journey Circle.

Create Deep Connections to Your Guides

Who Is This For?


This course is for those that:

Want to have a deep connection to their soul

Want to heal their soul through ancient methods

Take responsibility for themselves

Are You Ready to Learn the Shamanic Journey?

Check out the course lessons.

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