Soul Adventure Iceland

Ancient ¤ Primordial ¤ Modern

Iceland has been calling out to us…do you feel it? This land has more than just raw beauty, it has messages and healing to share. Are you ready to rejuvenate your soul and venture to the land of waterfalls, volcanoes and the Hidden People?

Come and join us on a life-changing shamanic pilgrimage of Iceland. We will trek across lava fields, bathe in the invigorating waters of hot spring pools, stand before thundering waterfalls, journey deep into the earth, and up into a natural ice cave that sits on top of Katla Volcano . Are you ready?

Life Changing Soul Adventure

Wait! There is more…

This is such an immersive experience where you will be in a supportive, grounded energy to process and access new layers of your greatest potential. Throughout the 2 weeks, we will have spontaneous ceremony and ritual as the land, energy and people need.

Within the itinerary, I have left it as open as possible to allow us to move at our own pace and not have to worry too much about a time schedule. It will be so much more connective when we can just be in the flow vs clock watching our way through an impromptu little ceremony or the like. We will experience a little of everything from lava fields, black sand beaches, turf houses, to the 5 gaits of the iconic Icelandic horse and geothermal greenhouses and much much more! Throughout the 2 weeks we will weave the healing energies through meditation and ceremonies. We will drum, sing and dance at the fires of this mystical place.

The EPIC-NESS of it all


This particular trip is limited to 3 people for a more intimate and meaningful experience. And by now, I’m sure you have googled Iceland to get a more in depth feel and explore the possibilities that await you. I have traveled to Iceland many times now, cultivating relationships with the people, the land and ethereal energies that call this island home. You will have the chance to immerse yourself into this epic primordial land of fire and ice.


REGULAR price per person $

*spot held with $1000 deposit.

What is Included With the Price of Your Shamanic Pilgrimage of Iceland?

  • Ceremony
  • Meditation
  • Deep immersion in the sacred sites and myths of the island
  • All materials to make your Icelandic medicine pouch
  • Autumn Equinox Ceremony
  • Daily talking circle – where we can reflect and share on our experiences through sharing and personal rituals
  • Geothermal healing pools
  • Tour of a historic outdoor museums
  • Guided tour down into an 8000 year old Lava tube
  • Entrance fees
  • Personal care and attention to any issue or concerns from Desiree during the pilgrimage
  • Transportation during the Pilgrimage including Airport Transfers
  • All meals that are prepared by us, as a group effort
  • Lunch, tour and show at Fridheimar
  • All accommodations as we travel the Island staying in Hostels, Guesthouses and a Cottage
  • Gratuities

What Is Not Included in the Price of the Shamanic Pilgrimage of Iceland?

  • International flights to Iceland
  • Medical Insurance (Mandatory)
  • Cancelation Travel Insurance (Highly recommended)
  • Any drinks other then water, tea and coffee
  • Blue Lagoon geothermal spa

Your Shamanic Pilgrimage of Iceland



Day 1

You will be picked up from the Airport and I’ll have something for a light breakfast (like yogurt, fruit and toast or whatever is requested) waiting at the hostel for you. I’ll also bring a nice organic herbal traveling tea that’s been hand blended by me (for those who like to drink tea) that will help relax and rejuvenate the body. The grocery store is not far at all, we can go and grab some supplies together as a group or I can go with a list of things wanted while everyone rests and refreshes. We will explore the beautiful city of Reykjavik today, including going up the Church Tower for a gorgeous panoramic view of land and sea. If time and energy allows, we will also go to the outdoor museum village which is a nice little patch of quiet land show casing the different houses and a bit of Icelandic history. Its a very relaxed, chill out explore downtown on foot kinda day. We will also be making our medicine pouches this day!

Day 2

We are heading out for the day to the area known as the Golden Circle. We will be exploring the land east of the city, visiting an ancient volcanic crater known as Kerid, stopping at the geothermal tomato farm Fridheimar for lunch, Gysir*, Gullfoss* and Thingvellir. *Gysir and Gullfoss are optional that we can discuss the day of.

Day 3

Packing up the car from Reykjavik for our new home for 1 evening at Midgard. Make sure to bring your bathing suits as there is a roof top hot tub, and if we’re lucky, we will be awed by the dancing Aurora Borealis above as we soak in the soothing healing waters! During the day, we will be exploring a number of stunning waterfalls (including the walk-behind waterfall Seljalandsfoss!) and black sand beach and Skogar. And if conditions are good, we will hike to the top of Skogafoss and do a little journey at the top to connect in with the mighty river and the Fae who live deep in the rolling hills above.

Day 4

Today will be a day spent in the back highlands of the Katla Volcano! And it is within this area that we will embark on a very easy off road Super Jeep expedition into the highlands, to meld with the intertwined energies of Mydalsjokulls ice and Katla’s infernal fire. We will be exploring the natural ice cave that lives above the volcano. Can you feel that energy?!

We will be back from our morning excursion in the early afternoon and will have time for a late picnic lunch on the beach or hill top in Vik before we begin our way eastward to a little cottage in the Kirkjubaejrk area, where we will be spending the night. We can leave the rest of day open to see where the energy guides us for stops along the way or perhaps heading directly there for a little quiet time and opportunity to explore the area around the cottage at your own pace and musings as you soak it all in. There is no light pollution, so perhaps we will be treated with another light show of the northern lights.

Day 5

Onward through majestic Eastern fjords and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered as we head to Berunes. This is one of the longest driving times in one day along our pilgrimage lasting about 4.5 hours without any stops. But of course we will stop! As the energy or perhaps the grand sites will be pulling us to come and discover them, two places of which will be definite stops are the Ice Lagoon where icebergs are born and Diamond beach. And certainly not to forget the rhyolite mountains as when the sun shines on them, they appear purple!

Days 6 – 8

As we say farewell to the rugged east, we find ourselves heading deep into the heart of the Wild North. We will spend 3 nights in the heart of the Dettifoss area, in this wild land of lava fields, grottos and hot pots. As we tap into the balanced energy of the Autumn equinox, a time when the day and night are of equal length. We will work with the powerful vibration and harmony between the time of Manifestation (day) and the time of Creation (night). This balance allows the flow between creation and manifestation to be seamless and more easy flowing. A very powerful and auspicious day backed up by the energy of the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe – Dettifoss! We will also be exploring parts of the Diamond Circle, perhaps a natural hot spring grotto to swim in, and Asbyrgi – a horse shoe shaped canyon that is said to have been formed by Sleipnir the eight-leg horse that belonged to Odin when it put one of its hooves down to earth – as documented in Nordic mythology, to give you an idea of what awaits us.

Day 9

Heading to the Capital of the North – Akureyri. Along the way, we will stop at the Myvatn Baths (the Blue Lagoon of the North). The hostel that will be our home for the night is in a great location to be able to have a nice walk-a-bout around the city center. It is also Full Moon, so for those interested, we will head out in the evening for a little drumming and rattling to honor the Great Grandmother.

Day 10

At this point in the trip you will know all too well that traveling in Iceland is absolutely not about the destination of the day, but rather the journey of getting there. I know it sounds like that famous quote – Life is about the journey, not the destination. However, seriously….you will be hard pressed to not want to pull over every 10 mins. On this day we are headed to the Osar and meet the Troll of the North! Ok, its a 50 foot tall volcano rock monolith, but the troll stories are still fun. Lots to see and discover on this days sacred wanderings.

Day 11

We are leaving the North in our rear view mirror as we enter the West, Snaefellsnes Peninsula. The first stop of many, in the peninsula, is a sacred mound called Helgafellssveit (or as the tourist have dubbed it – Helgafell) as legend has it, a great female viking warrior was buried here and is the gatekeeper for all worthy warriors who are crossing over, or in this case crossing through the mound to the afterlife. I will drum your steps up the hill as you walk up in a silent walking meditation, you can not look back if you want your wishes granted and when you reach the top, you will go into the ancient ruins that have been dated back to the 10th century and make 3 wishes that will be bestowed upon the pure of heart. While this may sound a little like a fun children’s story, there is powerful energy here if you know where to look. And yes, we will be working that energy! This is another full day of connection, learning, and receiving. We will wrap up the day at an old converted fish factory that is now an award winning hostel called The Freezer Hostel in Rif.

Day 12

We drive along the western coastline amongst craters, lava fields and sea. This is a long day packed full of little gems that include climbing up and into a crater, down into the longest lava tube, singing cave at the base of the Majestic Snaefellsjokull Glacier that also holds the heart chakra of the world. There is so many more power places to explore as we make our way to our final home on the island. We will be staying at a unique place under the great Esjan Mountain in eco friendly converted buses.

Day 13

As our last day, it is one of R&R. Choices will be to just stay at Esjan and take in the energy of the mountain and sea, head into the city for some last min shopping and exploring, or if you have pre-booked yourself into the Blue Lagoon for one last healing waters soak or spa treatment. We will have one last circle to officially close our sacred time together.

Day 14

Departure day. Our time together has sadly come to a close. Depending on your departure times, we may have some time to do a little more exploring in the Reykjanes Peninsula near the Airport.

Are You Ready to Do A Pilgrimage to Iceland?


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