Soul Adventure Iceland



June 17th – June 23rd 2018

Ancient ¤ Primordial ¤ Modern

Iceland has been calling out to us…do you feel it? This land has more than just raw beauty, it has messages and healing to share. Are you ready to rejuvenate your soul and venture to the land of waterfalls, volcanoes and the Hidden People?

Come and join us on a life-changing shamanic pilgrimage of Iceland. We will trek across lava fields, bathe in the invigorating waters of hot spring pools, stand before thundering waterfalls, journey deep into the earth, and up to the highest peak as we make our way in a snow cat to the top of the powerful Snaefellsjokull Glacier. Are you ready?

Summer Solstice Under the Midnight Sun

Wait! There is more…

Our home base will be at the foot of Esjan Mountain where every day we will set out on a new adventure. Experience a little of everything from black sand beaches, turf houses, to the 5 gaits of the iconic Icelandic horse and geothermal greenhouses. Throughout the week we will weave the healing energies through meditation and ceremonies. We will drum, sing and dance at the fires of Summer Solstice under the Midnight Sun in this mystical place.

The Maiden Voyage

June 17th ~ June 23rd 2018

This Soul Adventure is limited to 8 people for a more intimate and meaningful experience. And by now, I’m sure you have googled Iceland to get a more in depth feel and explore the possibilities that await you. I have personally traveled to Iceland twice now, amongst many many emails and skype calls, all with very specific goals – to cultivate relationships with the people of Iceland in order to organize an authentic experience, and to engage you into this primordial land of fire and ice.

It really is with delight and joy that I am able to follow the energy that has been calling for almost 2 years now, to offer this mind blowing, soul shifting shamanic pilgrimage…and in light of this being the first of hopefully many more to come, I am offering this “maiden voyage” at an awesomely amazing deal. If you have had the chance to do a bit of research on Iceland, you most likely already know, similar trips are significantly more.

Early bird pricing at $2,999 by Jan 15, 2018

*spot held with $1000 deposit.



REGULAR price per person $3,399.00

What is Included With the Price of Your Shamanic Pilgrimage of Iceland?

  • Dinner on arrival day, Summer Solstice Feast, and Farewell dinner
  • Breakfast each day
  • Lunch, tour and show at Fridheimar
  • Evening participation with local women’s singing group
  • All materials to make your Icelandic medicine pouch
  • Deep immersion in the sacred sites and myths of the island
  • Ceremony
  • Meditation
  • Summer Solstice Gathering
  • Daily talking circle – where we can reflect and share on our experiences through sharing and personal rituals
  • Secret Lagoon geothermal healing pool
  • Tour of a historic outdoor museums
  • Guided tour down into an 8000 year old Lava tube with drumming journey
  • Snow Cat to the top of Snaefellsjkull Glacier for meditation
  • Entrance fees to Helgafellssveit and Skogasafn.
  • Personal care and attention to any issue or concerns from Desiree during the pilgrimage
  • An invitation to join a private Facebook group exclusively for pilgrimage participants
  • Transportation during the Pilgrimage from June17th – June 23rd 2018
  • Gratuities



What Is Not Included in the Price of the Shamanic Pilgrimage of Iceland?

  • International flights to Iceland
  • Airport transfer to BSI
  • Esjan Bus Accommodation (pre-booked for you – payment to be made upon arrival)
  • Medical Insurance (Mandatory)
  • Cancelation Travel Insurance (Highly recommended)
  • Any meals or drinks other than listed in the itinerary ‘included’ details
  • Blue Lagoon geothermal spa

Your Shamanic Pilgrimage of Iceland



Sunday June 17th

You will be picked up from the BSI station in Reykjavik at 2 pm and driven west to Esjan just outside of the city, between the foot of Esjan Mountain and the sea. Here you get settled into the most unique shared accommodations of converted, decommissioned buses for the week. Each section of bus will accommodate 3 people. There are single bunkbeds for 2 people and then a double bed for 1 that is available for an extra supplement. Once you have settled in, we will meet in the rustic dining hall to begin our sacred time together. After the Welcome Circle, we will make medicine pouches from Icelandic leather that you may carry on your travels to place small powerful Icelandic magic within it! We will then bless the medicine pouches around the fire after dinner with drums, singing and some special Icelandic guests

Monday June 18th

After a good nights sleep, we will spend our first day exploring all the sights, smells and shops Reykjavik has to offer including an outdoor museum. After dinner, we will end the day with a visit to the Secret Lagoon (healing hot spring pool) before heading back to Esjan.

Tuesday June 19th

This day we will pilgrimage out exploring the south. As we head out from Esjan, we will first go to Thingvellier National Park. Here you will feel the magnitude of energy that is held within this area. You will be in a place between two continents. It is here that the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet and its the only place in the world where this rift is above sea level. No wonder ruling Chiefs of past days, from around the island would gather there once a year to hold parliament in this sacred place. As we continue along, we will stop at Fridheimar Tomato Farm for a tour, delicious lunch, a show including a visit with Icelandic horses. In the afternoon we go to Seljalandsfoss; Skogafoss (where we will spend some extra time there for ceremony); and Reynisfjara​, the famous black sand beach with crashing waves. If time and energy levels allow (this is a very long day), there will be more stops along the way back to Esjan.

Wednesday June 20th

Pack a small overnight bag as we are heading out to the west, to Snaefellsjkull Peninsula! This is a mystical place of incredible unseen elements, raw nature, ancient volcanic craters, and so much more, that one can only experience it! We will be out in these places, accompanied by 2 Icelandic Shamans on this day, who will be leading special meditations, ceremonies and blessings. We will overnight in shared accommodations at an award winning hostel in Rif. Dinner options will include a stop at the grocery store to cook at the hostel, or to head to the local restaurant.

Thursday June 21th

Summer Solstice! As we continue discovering the gifts to be found in this epic land of the Primordials, we will traverse down a spiral staircase into an 8000 year old lava tube, descending into middle earth, where we will shamanically journey to the steady beat of the drum deep within Gaia. And of course, we will also climb into a large snow cat that will take us to the top of Snaefellsjokull Glacier where we will connect with not only the energy of the glacier, but the volcano that sits beneath it! Before we return to Esjan for our Solstice feast and celebrations, we will continue exploring the peninsula and all that she holds for us to discover. Later in the evening, there will be sacred fire and drumming under the watchful gaze of the mountain and sea, with Snaefellsjkull Glacier off in the distance. (Sacred ceremonial clothing is encouraged!)

Friday June 22nd

A LOT will have transpired at this point so it is important to take this day to relax and integrate ALL the shifts, new understandings, and transformations of the week. So on this free day, you may choose from 3 possibilities: To stay at our Esjan Mountain home base, to sit and be with the land and sea. Or perhaps you have some last minute shopping you would like to do in down town Reykjavik. And of course there is Iceland’s most famous landmark – Blue Lagoon geothermal spa. We started the trip with a healing waters soak and maybe its calling to you to finish the trip in the same way? There will be 1 shuttle bus in the morning, going to Reykjavik and then onto the Blue Lagoon for those who would like to venture out. If you plan on going to the Blue Lagoon, please purchase your (10:30am) entrance ticket on-line directly with Blue Lagoon as soon as you can, they are known to sell out quickly. If you are booking an in-water-massage or other spa treatments, please be aware that the shuttle bus will depart from the pool at 2:00pm to pick up the shoppers from downtown and then back to Esjan. Once everyone is settled back in for one last night together, we will share our farewell dinner and special closing circle of the pilgrimage.

Saturday June 23rd

Departure and drop off at the BSI bus station mid morning after breakfast.

Are You Ready to Do A Pilgrimage to Iceland?


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