Intrusions in the energetic body are misplaced energy that has found a resting place within your energy force that needs to be removed. It is most often not evil or demonic in nature, it is simply not where it belongs. Think of it like a sliver that you found in your hand…you don’t know how or when it got there, but you feel it now that its become infected and is beginning to hurt. It will only get worse if it’s left in your hand. Sure you can take antibiotics and it might make it feel better for a little while, but the infection will keep coming back until you remove it. And depending on how long its been stuck there, you could have a pretty ugly infected mess. So this trapped energy (energetic intrusions) that behaves very much like a stuck sliver, can come from anger, frustration, sadness or stress for example, that has been held within the body and not released. Often times as well, it has just simply slipped into our energetic field while we are in a weakened state without us even knowing about it. (Through a hole within our energetic body from losing a soul fragment). Some intrusions can also come from various forms of psychic attack(s). It is just as uncomfortable as you are for the most part, being stuck in a place where it doesn’t belong. Once your soul body has been cleared and the intrusions removed or released, the clean-up begins that eventually is followed by realignment and clearing of the chakra’s that directly impact the soul body and physical body. It is MUCH easier to return missing soul fragments and help them in staying, when the Energetic Soul Body is in a more hospitable state. This is why Intrusion removal is highly recommended to be done in conjunction with a Soul Retrieval. In a clean, balanced and more aligned body, it is totally possible to have anywhere from 1 to 3 pieces come back to you during a soul retrieval session, depending on what all is going on in your energetic body.

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