Soul Care
Below is a list of the different services that I may need to do for you. Once I have completed the Body Scan, I will know where we need to start. Our soul is very large and complex and it’s an on going practice to heal your soul. I teach soul healing tools to help you on your journey.
Soul Retrieval-Click the + to open

In this contemporary world that we live in, soul loss happens to everyone. Unfortunately, we are living in a time where it is “normal” to have more than several missing soul fragments. When we are in a stressful, abusive or traumatic situation, a part of us may go to a safe place in the spirit world. Just like a small child looking for the solace of a parent when he or she is frightened, our souls will do the same (no matter how old or tough we are). Sometimes what may happen is a piece of our soul, is left behind or becomes lost in the spirit world. And sometimes, we may even give a part of ourselves to someone (human or animal) with whom we feel deep compassion. When this loss happens, we are more open to ‘dis-ease’ and illness from a weakened life force. Desiree will go into a shamanic trance with helping spirits and retrieve your lost soul fragment to you. Some symptoms of soul loss include but are not limited to: feelings of  being stuck in a rut, something “missing”, unexplained sadness, anxiety, depression, emotional out bursts, anger, PTSD, being sick with “something” all the time, addictions and/or a general feeling of disconnection. As your missing soul parts are returned to you, you will feel more strength, vitality and a sense of wholeness and health coming back to you. Be prepared to do some integration work of the returned fragment. Individualized instructions will be given to you after the session is completed.

Intrusion Removal-Click the + to open

During this healing session I work with the compassionate spirits in clearing out all heavy energy that is weighing you down and possibly blocking your energy flow. Misplaced energy can find a resting place within our energy force that needs to be removed. It is most often not evil or demonic in nature, it is simply not where it belongs. It can come from anger, frustration, stress or simply slipping into our energetic field while we are in a weakened state. It is just as uncomfortable as you are for the most part, being stuck in a place where it doesn’t belong. Some intrusions can also come from various forms of psychic attack(s). Once your soul body has been cleared, the clean-up begins eventually followed by realignment of the chakra’s that directly impact the soul body and physical body. Intrusion removal is highly recommended to be done in conjunction with a Soul Retrieval.

Internal Organ Cleansing-Click the + to open
 Clearing, Cleansing and Realignment of Soul Body

Having issues with a specific organ? Everything first happens in the soul body before it manifests in the physical. By working directly with the energetic organ, we make an impact on the physical one. This technique assists healing that directly impacts the physical body.

Ancestral Healing-Click the + to open

Through ancestral healing you can resolve the past, heal the present and create freedom for the future of your family lines. “We are the dreams of our Ancestors…” and they may also be our nightmares. When there are patterns in family lines for example hereditary illnesses (diabetes, cancer, mental illness etc) or other patterns such as alcoholism, drug abuse, or any other common thread that runs through families that is not healthy or productive….this is a strong sign that there are situations that need to be healed within the ancestral lineages. All the unresolved history of violence, suffering, injustice and curses is held energetically in the cellular memory and passed down our ancestral lines. This impacts our lives today, tomorrow and beyond to our decedents. This type of healing impacts everyone in the particular line that is worked on. This means that it will include any siblings, the parent and grandparent of that line, and any decedents/future descendants. This is a very powerful healing. The unresolved energy from your ancestors affects your physical, emotional and mental health limiting the ability to grow and heal. We can continue to unconsciously repeat the patterns of our ancestors or we can heal them.

Power Animal (Spirit Animal) Retrieval-Click the + to open

Feeling a lack of energy or direction? Perhaps you feel vulnerable or have a hard time maintaining your boundaries? Everyone is born with a power animal to walk beside us at every moment of each day for guidance and protection. Unfortunately we are taught to ignore what we innately know as children; we are taught that our own truth is false. So as we learn to ignore all that is around us, including your power animals, they tend to wonder off. If you were consistently ignored wouldn’t you? But not to worry, they are not far and are waiting and hoping you will come looking! Think of your power animal as a guardian protector and spirit guide. By restoring your power animal you are reclaiming some lost power. You will be able to connect with the wisdom, power, protection and healing medicine that your power animal is waiting to share with you. Ready to bring back your power, your protector and your guide?

Psychopomp- Soul Guiding to the After Life-Click the + to open

The primary function is to escort souls into the afterlife that have not gone with the Death Angels. In these modern times the spirit of someone who has passed is more apt to remain here (in the middle world) instead of crossing all the way over into the spirit world. There are many reasons why this could happen, most commonly it is from unresolved issues. As a death walker, Desiree works with the souls that have not crossed over yet, helping them to resolve any issues that are keeping them here and cross them over. She also helps those preparing for the journey. A strong energetic body is needed to die well. Help and connection is completely possible for those who are still alive but unable to communicate.

House Cleansing and Blessing-Click the + to open

Houses need to be energetically cleared and cleansed just like anything else. We don’t go on for years never cleansing (washing) our clothes do we? It would be kinda gross and smelly! And so in the same way, we need to look after the places we live in. There are many ways that the energy in our homes can become stagnant and eventually toxic if nothing is done. Having this negative energy lingering could be from arguments, violence, painful illnesses, deep sadness and/or even teenage angst! Perhaps it was already there when you moved into the property? It is also possible that it stems from something that happened on the land hundreds of years ago and still echoes in the vibration today. If you are not happy with the ‘feel’ of your home, or you are experiencing difficulty in selling or renting the property, it may need a cleansing followed with a Blessing Ceremony. This service can easily be done distance or in person.

*IF you are familiar with how to cleanse your space, have done so and you are STILL having those unexplained feelings of unease, anger, fright, depression, sadness etc when in the home, or if you’re having some strange occurrences still happening then you need to contact Desiree. She will have a look and make recommendations on next steps. This can be done via distance world-wide, as Desiree does not need to be physically standing in the home. Please contact to arrange an assessment report ($30). Because of the nature of this service and the variables involved, a cost for the next steps recommendation will be included in the assessment report.

Divination-Click the + to open

Desiree will journey on your behalf with the question you have asked, seeking the response from your Helping Spirits. This is perfect for those times when you have a burning question that you would like guidance on. It does not necessarily have to be a yes or no question. Please understand that spirit-world will not make a decision for you (a rare gift only humans have is Free Will, something we can’t give away) most often when we need assistance in making decisions there are 3 factors at play. 1) You don’t have all the information you need to make a decisive decision  2) You may have misinformation  3) You could be valuing the information you do have inappropriately. So where to begin? Some things to think about when you are forming your question: “are you seeking a deeper truth? more clarity? the true nature of what is going on?” When you have more clarity or a better understanding of the situation, it will change your perspective of the question allowing you to make a better decision. Divination sessions are done remotely (distance), once Desiree has journeyed for you, you will receive a fully detailed MP3 of the journey.

Pets and Animals-Click the + to open

These amazing creatures are near and dear to us whether they are domesticated or wild, pets or working animals. And just like humans, they sometimes need help too! Desiree is very connected to nature and all the things that live within it. She has worked with beloved 4 legged family members, abused and rescued animals, and working animals. If you have a tender soul that needs help getting thru a tough time, illness, injury, surgery, or even passing, please don’t hesitate to contact Desiree.

Depossession-Click the + to open
 Shamanic Depossession is related to extraction as it is ultimately freeing the person from unwanted energy. When possession occurs, the effect on the living person may vary greatly. Often, the feeling is one of being ‘overshadowed’. The difference between a possession and a non-sentient intrusion is that a possession is an intrusion by a sentient spirit(s) or being(s) with an agenda of their own. When dealing with the compassionate removal of these sentient energies is much much more involved. The severity of the overshadowing possession can be notably varied from one situation to another. Sometimes it is spirits or beings who take up residence within a person not even fully realizing they are no longer part of the living. And sometimes it can be a spiritual parasite that feeds on its host purposefully. All types of possession can cause illness, anger, fear, depression, increasing lack of energy, voices, and nightmares…to name a few examples. Please contact to arrange an assessment report ($30). Because of the nature of this service and the variables involved, a cost for the next steps recommendation will be included in the assessment report.


Exorcism-Click the + to open

There are times when a person, building, or land is the victim of a “hostile take-over”. This is very similar to the conditions found in possession cases, only more acute. These entities are incredibly crafty, sly and elusive. It is not exactly as Hollywood may depict in box office hits, but make no mistake…the situation is incredibly treacherous and dangerous. If you suspect an exorcism is needed please contact Desiree for an assessment report. Because of the nature of this service and the variables involved, a cost for the next step recommendation will be included in the assessment report.

Soul-Spirit Guided Healing-Click the + to open

This is a specific healing that is guided and conducted by your guides and helpers. During a private soul-spirit guided healing I will go into a shamanic trance to connect with your guides and the healing spirits. We will do whatever needs to be done, in the order it needs to happen in, for your greatest and highest good. It could be any combination of techniques such as, clearing and cleansing of the energetic body, soul retrieval, intrusion removal, curse removal etc. It is certainly possible to ask for something specific during this session, but ultimately, your guides will show what is needed to get done and in what order.

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