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Mastering the Journey

June 10, 2017

9-5 P.M. at Yoga on York


In this class you will be learn to deepen your relationships with your helping spirits and more.

Learn to Live Shamanically!

As a soul care professional, I heal and teach globally in person and through distance methods. Your soul is calling you to connect! The tools are within you & I will show you how to use them.

Do you want to know more about Shamanism?


Arnica Oil

Not only is it a must have in your first aid kit but use it as your regular go-to for any kind of body pain as well. Did you have a big work out at the gym and now your legs are kinda sore? Don’t wait until tomorrow when you can barely walk – rub them down with arnica...

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Sacred Feminine

There are many milestones in a woman's life. In ancient times the triple goddess was revered. It represents the Maiden, Mother and Crone. The Maiden is the youthful woman that is carefree, full of excitement for new beginnings and fresh potential! The Mother is...

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Sacred Feminine vaginal steams (also known as yoni steams) have been in use for at least 2500 years. Vaginal steaming is a remedy that has stood the test of time for all women from menarche to post menopause. You are likely to see great benefit if you suffer from...

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